Bucket List

I like to make lists.  I make lists of everything.  I don't think its necessarily for the sake of organizing and remembering to do things as it is the thrill of drawing that straight line through an accomplished task. I find that I get more things done when I know I will be able to draw that amazing single line through each word.  

So, with that mentality, I turn here and make another list.  The ultimate list. It is my hope, I will strive to achieve these goals as I will, not only get to make the orgasmic (ok, that may have slightly gone overboard) straight line of achievement, but I get to do it virtually. 

They are no in particular order. I will admit some, if not most, are pretty silly but who cares.  It's my list, right? I can put on it whatever I like. This is an ever changing list.

My Bucket List

Achieve remission
Sell a screenplay                                                                          
Visit Easter Island                                                                             
Visit Stonehenge                                                                                
Visit Tombstone, AZ
Pass my medical specialists certification exam
Pass my certified pharmacy technician certification exam
Have a professional photo shoot                                                                    
Visit Yellowstone              
Live in Florida
Work at Walt Disney World
Go to film school
See the Grand Canyon
Be published 
Get married
Ride in an limo
Own a home
Be debit free
Be in love
Have kid(s)
Have a song written about me
Finally lose the "baby fat" 
Get my associates degree
Get my bachelor’s degree 
Get my master’s degree
Swim with dolphins
Learn how to fly a plane
See the Taj Mahal
See the Aurora Borealis 

Play with pandas
To watch (in person) the ball drop in Times Square 
To visit the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada
See my son graduate from high school
See my son graduate from college

My Impossible Bucket List

Here is a list of my impossible wishes.  Unless I get mega famous, mega rich, or meet someone who is a friend of a friend of someone's dry cleaner, it will never happen. I can dream, though, right?

Have lunch with Kevin Smith (cause he's AWESOME)
Play Minecraft with the Yogscast (and eat some Jaffa Cakes)
Voice a NPC (non playable character) in World of Warcraft or have an NPC named after me in WoW
Go ghost hunting with TAPS (I promise to not scream like a little girl)
Go ghost hunting with the Ghost Adventures team
To play with the Grumpy Cat
To meet the Alien Guy
To meet Betty White

 Pics or It Didn't Happen

I'll post pictures as I find them or as I cross them off the list.
Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone.  I texted my Dad as I was on my way too see it and told him that no person should be as excited as I was to see a geyser.  I always wanted to go see Old Faithful and growing up in Alabama, it seemed so far away and a place I would never get to go see.  Old Faithful did not disappoint.
I'm not ashamed to admit I "ooooohhhhhh and ahhhhhhh'ed" like a giggly tourist and shouted when it erupted.

My son.  He did not share my enthusiasm.  He complained it smelled bad.  Well, yeah, it did smell like a dozen rotten eggs, but that's totally beside the point!

This is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  Absolutely gorgeous.

I added this one because it's cute.  I mean, come on, its baby bison!

Yes, that is my child asleep on the dog.  The dog is a chocolate Lab named Suzy and she belongs to my Mother and Father-in-Law who accompanied were very gracious enough to chauffeur us around the park.

When I first started working, they made me wear a red ribbon attached to the badge that said "Earning My Ears."  I am pretty sure I know where I put the ribbon, so if I find it I will post a picture.  I wore that ribbon far longer than I should have.  I supposed it was my security blanket.  It was a customer who ultimately made me finally take the ribbon off. I worked at Chef Mickey's, a character themed buffet style restaurant.  I am the one who would walk you to your table, tell you the list of characters who was visiting, and show you where everything was located on the buffet.  As part of being a Disney "Cast Member" you have to stay in your character, so whenever a little kid came in dressed up, you were required to address them as Princess Belle or Princess Snow White or whatever.  Well, one day the restaurant was visited by Princess Belle (she couldn't have been more than 4) who was, understandably, too excited to eat. I walked up to Princess Belle and
kneeled beside her.  I told her she needed to eat up because she would need all her strength when she grew up to be able to dance with Cogsworth and Luminer and Misses Potts.  I also told her that Mickey Mouse made the food himself and he loved to see all the little princesses leave with full tummies.  As the family was leaving, the mother walked over to me and thanked me, stating that Princess Belle ate two waffles and some bacon!  She ended my saying, "You earned your ears today."  I took the ribbon off and never it again.  

I am also remind of another fond memory I have of working for Disney and that is when a little boy was trying to put some food on his glass plate and he dropped it.  The plate broke into a half a dozen pieces on the floor and we (meaning the workers) got so involved in trying to clean up the mess so no one would get hurt, we failed to try to think how the little boy must have felt.  To us (adults), accidentally breaking a plate  doesn't mean a whole lot.  To a child, it's a catastrophe. After cleaning up the mess, I noticed the mother was trying to console the crying little boy.  I over heard her tell him that no one was mad at him, especially Mickey.  I walked over to the mom, who explained to me that he thought Mickey was mad at him because he broke one of Mickey's plates and that Mickey wouldn't come see him at his table now.  Well, I immediately  fell to my knees (to be at his level) and told him a story (one that I can say most proudly say I made up right off the top of my head).  "Who is Mickey's best friend?" I asked him.  "Goofy." He whispered back.  "And why is he named Goofy?" I asked him.  He shrugged his shoulders.  "Well, it's because he's a little clumsy and well, he's silly.  Why, I came in this morning and found him and Mickey making up waffle batter and I think Goofy had more on his face and floor, then he did in the bowl! When Goofy was trying to leave the kitchen, he slipped on some of that batter and went sliding across the floor and knocked over a whole tray of plates! And you know what Mickey said?"  The little boy whispered "What?"   "Well, he put his hands on his hips and said you silly Goofy! I love you! You make me laugh! And then he put his hands on his mouth and giggled! So, I promise you, Mickey is not mad at you."  The boy smiled and the mom thanked me.  I went and found Mickey and pointed out the little boy and told Mickey what happened and to make sure he gave the little boy an extra special hug. It's these little things that I miss.

Found it!


  1. Great bucket list! I hope you are able to scratch them all off someday!
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  3. A fun bucket list. I loved the baby bison.

  4. I love your list, no wonder why you're featured. I would love to do some of those too. Best, Amanda