Friday, September 21, 2012

FANtastic Friday: Jammie Pants and Dexter

Wow, I am way late getting this posted!  I've been so busy the past two days trying to beautify my blog that I haven't even logged into World of Warcraft! I am expecting a phone call from Blizzard at any moment to make sure I am ok.

So, here it is another Friday and I am struggling to stay awake at work.  I do pretty good up until 4 AM and I hit my proverbial wall.  I'm pretty sure I just float on auto pilot for the last two hours of my shift.

Speaking of wanting to be asleep, I am a fan of PJs.  I could live in them.  I would wear them to work if I thought I could get by with it. I have more pajama pants then I do regular pants.  When I get off work and walk through the door, my shoes come off, the bra comes off, and then goes the jeans, and a pair of jammie pants gets put on. I am all about being comfortable. 

I am one of those mothers who doesn't get dressed when I take my kid to school.  I don't see the point, seeing as how I just drive up to the door and he hops out.  No one sees me. 

I am huge fan of the show Dexter and I can not wait until the season premiere.  I don't I have been this anxious or excited for a something to come out since Harry Potter. Now, Dexter isn't a show for everyone.  It is rated M and airs on Showtime, so they can pretty much do whatever they want to, and trust me, they do. It contains violence, language, and nudity. 

I have all of the Dexter books on loan from my Mother-in-Law but I am so afraid to read them.  I am such a fan of the show and I know the books are so much different that I don't want to ruin the show for me. 

This is the very thing that happened to me with Terry Goodkind's The Sword of Truth books.  I fell in love with the very short lived show The Legend of the Seeker which is based on his books.  When the show failed to be renewed, I turned to the books to fulfill my Richard and Kahlan fix.  I tried to watch the show again after reading the books and I just couldn't do it. The show was almost painful to watch and I spent more time arguing with my TV, "They never did that!"   "He would never do that!" that I had to finally just had to turn it off.  I don't want this happen to my Dexter just yet.  I will read the books, someday, but not now.  I like my Dexter the way he is, for now. I would love to see a paid channel such as HBO or Showtime pick up this series because they would have more freedom to be able to do the justice that Terry Goodkind and Richard and Kahlan deserve (granted they stick to the already amazing story that Goodkind has told, no need to fix what isn't broken).

But, anyway, eight days and counting my sweet Dexter. 

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