Friday, September 7, 2012

FANtastic Friday: Toilet Paper and Friendship

There is nothing in the world like your bladder waking you up only hours before you were supposed to be up anyway because its full and you need to go.

So, you crawl out of your warm bed and put your bare feet on the cold floor and stumble half awake to the bathroom.

You sit on the toilet and do your business and you reach over to grab the toilet paper and then it hits you.  You have no toilet paper.  You start trying to peel off every scrap of precious TP you can off the roll.

You somehow manage to get enough to take care of business so you stumble back to bed and under the covers, only to be woke up a few hours later by the stupid alarm clock.

And... your bladder is full.  (Didn't you just get emptied?) And of course, there is no toilet paper because you just scrapped off every last inch off that cardboard core.

You get dressed and ready for work, praying your bladder can wait until you get the bathroom at work.

The short of the story, is that I am a huge fan of toilet paper.  Toilet paper is the greatest thing to happen to mankind from sliced bread.

Here are some interesting facts I discovered about TP:

  • The average sheet of toilet paper weighs in at a little over .22 grams and 4.0625 inches per square reaching approximately338.5 feet per roll and 5.3 million miles of toilet paper per day. 
  • Americans use the bathroom an average of 6 times per day, adding up to as much as 47 minutes in a single 24 hour time period.  Women spend more time with the fluffy white stuff than men, or approximately 32 months in a lifetime versus 25 months for men.  However, women on average also tend to live longer than men, and object most often to men leaving the seat up. 
  • On average we tear of 5.9 sheets from the roll.  44% of people wipe from front to back, and 60% look at the paper having just wiped, 42% fold, 33% crumple, 8% do both fold and crumple, 6% wrap it around their hands and at least 50% of people have at one time or another wiped with leaves, or something foreign to toilet paper (8% hands, 1% money). 
  •  Even more inconceivable, many societies in the Eastern parts of the world saw it socially correct to use their left hand.  Some theorists believe that this is why most cultures use their right hands when meeting new people.  This previous form of hygiene is still transgressed in those cultures today, as they find it rude and socially incorrect to shake the left hand of another.

Source: The History of Toilet Paper 

I also would like to take this day to not only mention what I am a fan but who I am a fan of.

I would have never starting blogging had it not been for my best friend so she is (and will always be) my first fan.  She designed this blog as well as the one that started it all (How to Speak Girl).  She has been my friend through all my crises in life, even the times when I was a terrible human being and did not deserve her friendship. 

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