Friday, September 14, 2012

FANtastic Friday: The Alien Guy

This will be a very short FAN day. I've got a million and one things going on, but I wanted to post something so I don't fall out of the habit of posting everyday. I've been trying to sell my kitchen table to aid in getting the pet deposit so I can have my seven year old cat back (I'll post that whole story later) and someone is coming to look at it. Wish me luck!!! I'm running around the house like a mad woman trying to get this apartment presentable. Hopefully, I can catch a nap before I have to go into work (I work graves).

I have no idea how I came across this little item, but I must say I like it. It is an urn that will allow you to have your ashes put in it along with a seed and then it will grow from your ashes. How cool is that? You do have the option of choosing which plant you will become. I really like this idea. I like the idea of having someone come visit me under a tree rather than looking at a tombstone. So far, I am unable to locate a price, but I haven't given up looking and will keep you updated.

 Burial Urn

Burial Urn 2

Burial Urn 3

As far as my person fan for this week, if this lady ends up buying my table she will be my fan. If not, well, I'll think of something then.


So, the lady that was going to come look at my table stood me up twice (full story on Soapbox Sunday), so she is certainly NOT my  fan of the week!

Instead, I am going to list the Alien Guy as my favorite this week.  If you have never heard of this guy, you are truly missing out.  He regularly appears on Ancient Aliens, a show that airs on the History Channel.  This guy believes everything stems from aliens and he wants you to believe it too.  He is extremely entertaining to watch. The favorite thing to do in my house is whenever he says "Aliens" (which is a lot)  to extended our hands (like he is doing in the below picture) and scream "Aliens!" with him.

Now, go watch him and do this too.  It makes for a great evening.

And here is Jared doing his Alien Guy impression.

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