Monday, September 24, 2012

Ramblings at 4 AM

Well, its that time of the night. I've hit my wall. My eyes are growing heavier by the minute and my computer screen keeps getting fuzzier and fuzzier. I don't really mind the grave yard shift. I mean, I've been here since 10 p.m. and I have not taken a single call. I usually take at least one, so in my panicked state of mind, I actually called myself to make sure the phone worked. Yep, it worked. No one wants to talk to me and I am perfectly fine with that.

I have answered about 30 emails, but I would much rather "talk" to a person over an email than the phone any day. This job is perfect for a fat, lazy person like myself.

My homework is all caught up, plus some. My teacher probably thinks I am an overachiever. If she only knew that most nights its the only thing that keeps me from drifting off to La-La Land.

Oh, sweet La-La Land, how I wish I was there right now.

I've been listening to a "Learn Spanish in Your Car" audio while I sit here.

"Perdon, Senorita. ¿Habla Ingles?"
"No, senor. Hablo Espanol."

 I've got that part down pat. Look out Spain, here I come! (ha!)

So sorry I am not more entertaining at this time of the morning. I'm sitting here trying to think of more to type, but my brain feels like Jell-O that's trying really hard to set, but just hasn't quite gotten there yet. You know what I mean. The Jell-O that's still a little runny, but just firm enough to not be gross so you eat it anyway, but still runny enough you need a spoon and then your drop it all over you. Come on, we've all eaten half-firmed Jell-O at some point. After all, it takes way to long for Jell-O to set. What is up with that? Is it designed to set seconds after you checked it for the 15th time and finally give up? You fix you a bowl of half runny Jell-O only to go back to the fridge and it's completely ready to eat. What happened in the five minutes it took you to eat the half runny stuff that caused it form? Are the chemical molecules so programmed that the fridge door has to be open exactly 16 times before it can form? Its the fridge light, isn't it? The tiny Jell-O molecules must have so much dingy fridge light bulb light before it can properly mold. Them sneaky Jell-O makers. I wonder if Bill Cosby knows this. Wait, is Bill Cosby still alive? It might be a tad disrespectful if he has passed away for me to say that.

Oh, Google... Google says he is still alive.

And you know that Google knows.

One hour and counting down. I really want to pick up my cell phone and text my best friend. Be all, "WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP... On, my bad, were you asleep? Well, since you awake NOW..." But I won't do that. I would like too.... but I won't.

Why does time stop when you at work but then speeds up to make up for it when you are off? Who created this philosophy? I would really like to give them a piece of my watery Jell-O mind! Hmmm.... I wonder what flavor my watery Jell-O mind is... Its an interesting question, isn't it? Well, lets see. I am a bit of a flake at times. I can have a dirty mind. I like cherries. I had some runny orange Jell-O before I came to work. My once vast knowledge database has been replaced with Harry Potter, The Sword of Truth, Yogscast,World of Warcraft speak....

To totally change the topic here (I'm good at that), my 14 year old son came home with a 16 year old girls phone number!!! I think half the hairs on my head turned white. He has been told that he looks like Edward Cullen. I guess that is supposed to be a compliment but to an Anti-Twilightian like myself, I hold to hold back the proverbial vomit.

Proverbial. I like that word. I don't even know if I used it in the right context, but I don't care I like it. It rolls over the tongue. Pro verb b al.

Here's some interesting reading: Top 11 Chocolate Myths.

Well, I have rambled on about absoultly nothing for long enough.

To all, a good night... er morning...

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  1. Ramblings - I completely understand how you feel and you can understand why there are so many cross stitch pictures around with my name on them.