Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wacky and Weird Wednesday: Titanic Ice Cube Tray

Please, please, please, read this all the way through before you get angry at me and unfollow me.  I am trying to express how upset I am with this product and by doing that I did make a few examples to try to explain why this product is made in such poor taste.  

Is it just me or this is extremely tacky and offensive?  I know the the movie brought a whole new light to the disaster, but it was still a disaster that cost 1,514 lives.  I suppose it has been long enough where it isn't "too soon" to joke about the disaster, but I think this is too much.  If the ice mold wasn't tacky enough, they add a mold of an iceberg? Really?  And then, you name your product Gin and Titonic? 

I do have to add when I saw the movie for the first time (I was pregnant with my son, which makes me feel really old) I did not care much for it.  I thought it way too long and I thought that they tried to bring romance to a very tragic event in our history.  I do have to add the second time I saw the movie was in class and my best friend (who also hated the movie) and I made score cards and rated how the people fell out of the boat and hit the water.  Yes, I am a jerk and I will completely admit to that. 15 years have past and I still feel like something that lives on something you would step in.

Image someone in 100 years making 9-11: The Love Story That Would Never Happen.  I know that's offensive because its still "too soon" to say things like that.  Image at the time the Titanic sank, comments such as those would also have been in very poor taste.  But yet, here it is 100 years later and its ok to make products like this.  What if in 100 years someone makes an cube tray with the two towers and an airplane? 

I do not say this to offend to anyone or to make anyone angry.  I am simply trying to put this in perspective with something that happened in our recent history that you can identity with. 

America lost almost 3,000 people in that attack and I know this act was deliberate as where the Titanic sinking was accidental.  I do understand the major differences in the two events, I assure you.  

Again, I am just trying to give examples on why this is such poor taste and to explain that, even after 100 years, products such as these should not be made and to provoke some thought as how you would feel if a company made a product about this tragic event in the future.  

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