Saturday, October 20, 2012

LOL Shirts and Handmade Jewelry

I LOVE these shirts and I just happened to get the info on some upcoming sales for them!

I'm buying some (especially the I'm not stubborn one) for Christmas.

Just sharin' the love, ya'll!!


GANGNAM STYLE T-SHIRT  on sale Monday, October 22nd for $6.99

I'M NO ROCKET SURGEON T-SHIRT on sale Tuesday, October 23rd for $6.99

I'M NOT STUBBORN. MY WAY IS JUST BETTER T-SHIRT on sale Wednesday, October 24th for $6.99

I'M NOT DOING CRAP TODAY. T-SHIRT on sale Thursday, October 25th for $6.99

ISLEEPY T-SHIRT on sale Friday, October 26th for $6.99

I also happen to know of some sales from Belle Chic for handmade jewelry, I will pass along.  

Monday, October 22nd

Handmade Contemporary Jewelry  

Boutique Sale: Geisha Creations

Short Description:
Jewelry made with copper, gemstones & crystals. This collection is truly handcrafted. The designer hammers the copper, wraps the wire, patinas the pieces and hand buffs them to accentuate all the details.

Featured Deals:
BelleChic BelleChic BelleChic
Copper Cuff Bracelet $16.99 - (Normally $23.00)
Domed Penny Earrings $16.99 - (Normally $27.00)
Indian Coin Teardrop Earrings $18.99 - (Normally $27.00)

Wednesday, October 24th

Unique handmade jewelry that gets noticed.  

Boutique Sale: Spotlight Jewelry

Short Description:
Spotlight Jewelry specializes in jewelry and accessories that get noticed! From flirty fun to modern chic classic, you're sure to find unique pieces that speak to you as well as the perfect gift for family and friends.
Featured Deals:
BelleChic BelleChic BelleChic
Mood Owl Earrings $9.99 - (Normally $17.95)
Pottery Whale Necklace $11.99 - (Normally $21.95)
Silver Starfish Ring $8.99 - (Normally $15.95)

Friday, October 26th

Handstamped Jewelry made with Love  

Boutique Sale: You're Gonna Love This

Short Description:
'You're Gonna Love This' is a family operation. We are sisters who love sitting around the table, working together to create something made specifically for you. This business was started because we wanted hand stamped necklaces with our cute kid's names, but didn't want to pay outrageous prices!
We love making super cute, affordable, special pieces of wearable art for our customers!

Featured Deals:
BelleChic BelleChic BelleChic
'Waves' Necklace $19.99 - (Normally $26.00)
Personalized Dad's Keychain $9.99 - (Normally $12.00)
Shoot Like A Girl Necklace $15.99 - (Normally $20.00)

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  1. Loving the gangham style shirt, I seriously play that song at least once a day lol. The hand stamped jewelry is really cool too.