Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Save Sam's House

I have some very sad news to bring to my blog, but its something that needs to be shared. I have started a campaign on Indiegogo on behalf of a very good friend of mine. 

For those of you who know me, Samantha (I changed the name for her privacy) has yet to make this announcement official.  So, please, respect her privacy until she is ready to tell you. 

I know she she is going to need help so I am launching this campaign now.

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Samantha (a widower) is in danger of losing her home.

I am posting this on behalf of my really good friend Samantha.  She needs helps and is too afraid to ask for anyone for it, so I am asking for her.

Sam lost her husband a few years ago to an accidentally overdose and she has struggled to make it on her own with only one income. She does not have any children and her only close family is her brother.

Sam has been sick off and on for some time and as a result, has had to miss quite a bit of work.

The doctors found a quarter size cancerous lump in her right breast so she is now facing chemotherapy.

She will have to lose more work during her treatments, putting her farther and farther behind on her bills.

She is struggling to make her house payment, so she can keep the home her and her husband bought together.

Any money raised will go to her house payment.

Please help me help her to ease this one worry off her mind so she can focus on treatment and getting healthy!

I would like to be able to surprise her with any money raised to help with her house payment and to show her how much she means to me and that life is still worth fighting for.

If you have anything extra to spare, please visit the link at the top of page.  Anything, even a $1.00, will help. 

I am also going to create a page on here to keep everyone informed on her progress, status, and updates.


  1. I am really sorry for your friend and wish for her that everything will be just fine. I wish her strength as she will definitely need it and I'll keep her in my prayers. You are a true and wonderful friend!!!