Friday, November 2, 2012

FANtastic Friday:These are a few of my favorite things (at work)

I got the idea for this post as I opened my desk drawer and realize it is time to clean it out.  This post will be a bit random, but hey, that's ok!

So. Here are my favorite things I have at work:

My favorite flavors of drink enhancers:  Great Value Grape, Great Value Blue Raspberry, and Mio Berry Pomegranate.

The first one is Yoda's light saber and the second one is my Spidey pen.

This is a section of my shelf which runs across the top of my desk.  I do love my smileys!

I found this at my local farmer's market and I thought it was too cute not to have. It sits on the top of my shelf.
Have to have a bottle of lotion. This smells wonderful!

My change purse for all my snacking cravings.

This Spidey was given to me by Jared when he was little bitty and he has sat on every desk I have ever had had since then.

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