Saturday, November 10, 2012

My eventful few days!

Well, its been an eventful week!

It's pretty sad when you come to work to relax and get caught up on homework and blogging!

So, my kid never bothered to tell me his toe was hurting until it started bleeding around the nail.  It took one look at it to know that the nail was ingrown and because he never bothered to tell me, it only got worse and infected.

We get in the car and drive to Instacare where they have to numb his toe and remove part of the nail in order to get to the nail that was ingrown.  I felt like Mom of the Year, let me tell you.

We get back home and he starts throwing up.  I'm faced with a problem.  Is he throwing up because he's having a reaction to the numbing stuff, the antibiotics, or is he just reacting to the whole situation?

I came to the conclusion he was throwing up because he took his antibiotic on an empty stomach and than ate and his stomach just didn't know how to handle it.

Now, with all of the going on, I had to go to work that night!

To change the subject here, but I wanted to post pictures of what I came out to find as I was leaving for work.  I am a little afraid of what I will come out to find when I am off at 6 am.

Driver's side door.  This is scraped off so I could get inside the car to get my scraper.  You can kind of see the snow on the ground that I knocked off in order to open my car door.
The side view of the driver's side bumper.
The back of my car. The back window is totally covered.
The back window after some scraping off.

The front window.
I am now going to start catching up on the posts I have missed this week.  Between Jared's toe, my homework, and my writing projects, I was pretty stretched to my limit this past week.  I always seem to bounce back and get it all done and get things back on track!

**6:31 AM  This is what I was greeted with when I got off work:** 


  1. Today was a beautiful day, I spent most of it raking up leaves and hickory nuts. I was wearing short sleeves and actually was a little hot. I just wanted to let you know what Alabama weather was like today. LOL