Thursday, November 22, 2012

Throwback Thursday and Wordless Wednesday: First Trip to Disney and Seaworld, October 2006 (Part One)

 I did not take the time to edit and crop these pictures like I know I should have.  I have totally been lazy! I ended up with so many pictures I wanted to share, I am going to make this a few posts. And yes, I know I tagged this as Wordless Wednesday and its hardly Wordless, but come on, give me a break.  Ha! I know it seems like I was skimpy on the pictures as I am only posting a few, but trust me, I have so many pictures I took, I filled two SD cards.

I was 25 and Jared was 8.  A little over a year later, we moved to Orlando, FL.

This was also Jared's first time to fly in a plane and I was terrified he would be scared. When they called it was time for us to board, I handed him his ticket and he handed it to the attendant like  he was a pro.  We walked down the ramp to board the plane and took our seats and he fastened his seat belt and got settled in his seat, just like he had done it a hundred times before.

As the plane was taxied to the runway and it started to gain speed to take off, he grabbed my arm as I do not think he was expecting that.  I told him if he was afraid to just sit back and close his eyes and pretend we were in the car or to look out at the window and watch as the airport got smaller and smaller.

"Oh, I'm not afraid," He says, "I thought you might be! I think its fun! Like a ride!"

I have the golden tickets!!!

Day One: Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain.  It was the first and last ride we rode. Jared was a little nervous to ride it at first, but his nervousness was overcome by his love for anything trains. I told him (as I had been to Disney before and had already ridden it) it was not scary and he would love it.  He got his courage and we went on the ride.  One hour later and five rides later, we moved on to something else, only to come back to it before the park closed and rode it after the sun went down. 

Cinderella's Castle was being a bit of remodeling. 

We then went to visit Minnie Mouse (who was out, but we still got to tour her house).

Jared was pooped, so he took a break in Minnie's chair.  I'm sure she didn't mind. 

Thinking she might be with Mickey, we walked over to his house.  He was not home either, but his door was opened, so we took a look inside.

Mousekosh.  Love it.

Mickey's Mickey Pumpkins.

We then learned it was time for the afternoon parade, so we headed to go check it out.

I just like this before I just happen to snap the picture just at the right moment to where it looks like she is doing the damsel in distress, I am going to faint thing.

We then headed off to the Haunted Plantation.  This is my all time favorite ride and I was not leaving without Jared getting to ride it too.

And, as the day came to an all too soon end, I was not leaving the park without riding the Pirates of the Caribbean.  I just think that this ride is mandatory for anyone who is visiting Disney. There should be a 10 Commandments of Disney World and one of them should be, "Tho Shall Ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride before leaving Magic Kingdom". This was way before they redesigned the ride with Johnny Depp and Captain Jack Sparrow (which I did get to see while I was working there).  Jared did not share my enthusiasm with the POTC ride.   

This is Jared in line at the POTC waiting very impatiently.

The entrance to the ride. 
Day Two: Next Week!!

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