Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weird and Wacky Wednesday: A Candle That Puts Itself Out

Ok, so, this thing is really cool.

What is it?

"Candle by the Hour is a coiled, beeswax rope candle that features the ability to automatically extinguish itself.

Simply feed up to three inches of flexible, pliable candle (about an hour's worth of burn time) through the brass clamp. When the flame reaches the clamp, it will extinguish. No worries of burning down the house. Yay!"

Features & specs:

  • 7.5" tall x 5" diameter
  • Brass metal stand
  • Rope candle refills available
  • 60 hr burn time
  • "Rope" has a diameter of 3/8"

The 60 hour stand and candle costs $29.99
A 60 hour refill costs $17.99

Can be purchased at Vat19

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