Friday, December 7, 2012

FANTASTIC Friday: CrittersforCoryn

Let me start out by saying these words are my own.  I was not asked to write this, nor did they know I was writing this until I published it and shared the post with them.

This happy post comes to your from another one of my reader's Etsy shops.  See, I love you guys.  If I know you have a shop, I shop!

In case you don't know, I LOVE turtles.  I mean, I own two live ones and I tend to collect anything turtle I come across.  To kinda get off topic here just for a sec, but I have a happy turtle family that "lives" under my kitchen window.

The first little guy (left to right) is an Avon bottle my Father and Mother-in-Law surprised me with, the next one came from Bath and Body Works and you are supposed to put him on a soap bottle but he found himself a home on the ledge and never moved, then the next little guy was a yard sale find, and lastly the big one is a candle holder by Mother-in-Law found at a yard sale and she gave me when I expressed how much I liked it.

Ok, sorry, back to the point....

So, I was browsing around on Etsy and I came across a shop called CrittersforCoryn.  Wanna know what I found??

picture taken from the Etsy listing that I purchased from CrittersforCoryn

 A turtle named Tabitha?!?!?  I was all like:

So, yeah, she is mine.  Here is my little Tabitha Turtle.

And here is her new home:

That is an Easter basket that my husband found at bought for me.  Of course, it was never used as an Easter basket. It sat on my chest of drawers next to bed.  Now, it houses my little Tabitha Turtle.

So, thank you CrittersforCoryn and I assure you Tabitha Turtle is very happy. 

Do you have an Etsy shop? Link it in the comments!  I wanna shop (and maybe you can be my next FAN)!!!!

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