Sunday, December 30, 2012

Soapbox Sunday: Batteries and (Not so) Wordless Wednesday: Jared's Computer

First, I need to explain something before I launch into my rant.

This past Black Friday at Wal-Mart, they had a digital SLR camera bundle that I wanted so bad.  I mean, so bad I was trying to think of every way possible to squeeze the cash out of the budgt to buy this thing.  Yes, the idea of selling my kidney did enter my brain. I mean, I only need one, right? Why have two?

Anyway, I finally gave up because there was just no way to justify the expense.

Fast forward to Christmas and I open a gift from my husband and it's this really nice camera bag:

I have both my paternal and maternal grandfather's old SLR cameras (they are among my most prized processions as how many people can say they own something from both of their grandfathers?), so I thought my husband bought me this nice camera bag to put those SLR's in.  It didn't even occur to me to open the camera bag until my husband says, "Um, open it."

So, I did.

And snuggled inside was the camera.  I mean the camera. The very camera I contemplated selling my kidney to obtain.  I was totally surprised.  He totally got me this year.  I had no idea what so ever.  He had put it on layaway and been making payments on it all this time. 

Ain't it pretty?!?

So, I take the camera out of the package and start to put it together so I can use it to take pictures of Jared getting his computer (I'll explain more about that later).

Here is where my rant starts.  The camera has a rechargeable battery which I love.  However, the battery was dead.

Really??  I mean, you pay a ton for these pretty new gadgets and of course you want to use it immediately but you can't because you have to charge the battery. Would it be so much trouble to include a charged battery? I was so disappointed that I had to wait to be able to use it and had to use my (now turdish) digital camera to snap pictures of Jared opening his computer.

Before I explain Jared's computer, I want to show everyone one of the things I got Steven.  It is a tad bit silly (and after the surprise camera makes me look like a total cheap stake).  Steven loves panda bears and Eeyore.  So, I went on Build a Bear and made him this:

When he opened it, he said, "Oh, its an Eeyore!"  To which I replied, "No, its not!"  He took it out of the little Build a Bear house and responded, "Its a panda. Dressed as Eeyore."

Now, to explain Jared and his computer.  Jared's current computer was one that my husband build like five years ago (way before we met me) and when he got his new one, he let Jared have the old one.  While still a good computer, being five years old, it did have its limitations.  It tended to overheat when Jared wanted to play Minecraft or World of Warcraft.

Jared so wanted a new computer (or upgrade the one he had) so that he would be able to play Minecraft and WoW.

Steven and I had already had planned and budgeted to get him a new one, but we didn't tell Jared.  In fact, we told him there was no way we could afford one and he accepted it.

Steven and I decided that if we are going to get a new computer, we were going to get a good computer so we custom built an Alienware game computer.

So, we put the big box in front of Jared and he starts to open:

"This big box is mine?"

So, he has the wrapping paper off and I thought for sure when he saw the word "Alienware" he would know what it was.

By the look on his face, I could tell he was confused.

"Do you know what it is?" I asked him.

"No," He answers.

"Open the box."

(I know these pictures are all kinds of goofy, but I've been fighting with them for like ten minutes to get them to line up right and I give up.  They will just have to be wonky.)

He pulls the computer out and look at it.  Now, keep in mind the computer is one of the smaller more compact desktops so it is about half the size of a normal desktop tower.

He is looking at this thing and I can tell he is still confused.

"Do you know what it is?" I asked him.

"Um... is it an Xbox?"   He replies.

I start rolling laughing.

"No, silly. Its a brand new computer!"

"Oh! Really?"  And he look at it for a minute, pondering. He finally asks, "But will it play Minecraft?"

"Yes, son, your brand new custom made computer that makes mine and Steven's laptop looks like something Santa pooped out, will indeed, play Minecraft."

I guess we did too good of a job convincing him that he was not getting a new computer this year.

I told this story to my co-workers and "But will it play Minecraft?" has become the office joke.
Whenever someone asks a question, it is immediately followed by this question.

"Is the copier working?"

"I dunno, but will it play Minecraft?"

"Is the website up?"

"I dunno, but will it play Minecraft?"


  1. Regarding the battery: they normally ship batteries with a partial charge. However, if the unit had been sitting on the shelf for awhile (as it might have been on a layaway purchase), then the battery could well have discharged. Also, some mfgrs are shipping lithium ion batteries either fully discharged or almost fully discharged, due to the fire danger potential (something the air carriers are understandably nervous about.)

    Anyway - Happy 2013, and Happy WW!

    1. Very good and valid points and not ones I had thought about.

  2. Awwwwwwwww. I love that he was trying to guess what it was and he had no idea.

    You know that even if they charged those camera batteries, they sit on the shelf for a long time, so the charge might wear out. It sounds like you have an awesome husband. The rebel is such a great camera to learn on. I also LOVE that you have both of your grandfather's old cameras. Learning to shoot film is such a valuable skill that will totally help you take better shots with your new dslr. Good luck to you!

  3. Those are wonderful cameras!

    Happy New Year!

  4. I imagine you will be saying "will it play minecraft?" for months. Happy New Year!

  5. Sounds like you have a keeper there, that gets you what you really wanted. :) Happy New Year.

  6. I wish a had a camera that nice. What a fun set of gifts!

  7. the camera looks so pretty cool huh? :) . love the shots! :)

    here. **Rebecca **

  8. Love the camera!

    The computer story is hilarious.