Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wacky and Weird Wednesday: Christmas Edition

I have spent HOURS searching the internet (... ok... no... not really... maybe 45 minutes and two Google searches) to find awesomely weird Christmas things.

Why use ordinary TP wipe your behind this Christmas?  Think people, don't leave your TP out of the festivities this year!

These are just a few I screenshotted. There are plenty more to chose from over here at Make sure to check on the toilet tattoos.  Don't leave your toilet bowl out either. I mean, think of all the crap it puts up with all year.  It deserves some attention too.  (You may booooo me now.  Its ok.  I deserve it.)

Do you need the ultimate white elephant gift?? I found it for you.  Ready?!? Are you sure?!?  This will make you an office hero.
BAM! Mind=blown.  Pick yours up today at Zazzle.

This next one will speak for itself.


(clears throat)...  "Oh Santa Farts! Oh Santa Farts! How stinky are thy butt cheeks...."



This next one may be offensive to some.  In fact, I may be offended.  I haven't decided yet (ha).  It is because of this, I have to share it on a wacky and weird post. 

Ready for this??

Its a fetus in the womb ornament.  No, wait.  Its. A. Fetus. In. The. Womb. Ornament. Cute? Offensive? Gross?  I can't decide.  If you want one, pick it up here.


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  3. I laughed instead of boo'd at your joke, lol. People do come up w/some very strange ideas, don't they? And then they sell them...

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