Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wacky and Weird Wednesday: Too Many List!

I went a tad overboard this Wacky and Weird Wednesday but I found so much stuff that I wanted to share!!

I would just like to say why haven't they come up with  blue ray player that you can load multiple movies into and just let it play??  How great would that be for kids? Just load it up full of cartoons and just let it run.  

I am questioning it because I am lazy and my movie just went off and I don't want to get up and start another one, but I am way off topic here...

Digital Measuring Cup Scale

 I can't make up my mind if this is the greatest or the laziest thing ever.

"The first digital measuring cup and scale combination. The unit measures in weight and volume as the recipe dictates.The 3890 digitally weighs dry ingredients as well as liquid ingredients. Preprogrammed to convert weight to volume for water,milk,oil,sugar,and flour. The weight capacity is 4.4 Pounds (2kg). The volume capacity is 1 liter. The unit weighs in increments of milliliters,cups,fluid ounces,grams,and pounds. The plastic measuring cup runs on one long life Lithium battery(included) The easy to read LCD readout is in the molded handle.A great gift for the Foodies in your life."

$28.99 on

The Cassette To iPod Converter

I think this thing is really cool.

"This is the device that converts audio tape cassettes into MP3 files and stores them directly onto an iPhone or iPod touch. It accepts most iPhones and iPod touches, and normal or chrome cassette tapes. With its free app, conversion to MP3 is as simple as inserting a cassette, docking an iPhone or iPod touch, and pressing play. Tapes can be listened to using the headphones jack (headphones required) or by connecting its audio output to a stereo system for scanning forward or reverse to select tracks for conversion. Cassettes can also be converted to a PC running Windows 7, XP, or Vista or a Mac using the included software. Its small footprint allows easy portability for conversion anywhere at anytime."

To learn more click here.

Washable Keyboard


Product Features
  • Washable keyboard: Easy to clean and dry with hand-wash-safe design 
  • Ultra-durable: Built to take a washing and pounding - durable keys with laser printing and UV coating
  • Comfortable typing: Familiar keyboard layout and clean contemporary design feels and looks great
  • Plug and play simplicity for Windows PCs: Plug the keyboard into your computer and start typing - no software to install
  • 12 shortcut hot keys: Instantly access email, launch a web search or pause music with one touch

 $34.99 on

Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan

- Office Sized Trash Can is A Detailed Model of R2-D2
- Full-Size or Desktop Model Available
- Step on R2′s center Foot and his Head Pops open to Accept your Trash
- Removable Interior Can with Handle Makes Trash Removal Easy
- Durable Vinyl Construction
- Japan-only Fully Licensed Star Wars Collectable

 I think it's cute, but not cute enough to front the $385.00 price tag. 

Find out more here and here

The Dualbrella


How great is this??

"This merger of two umbrellas eliminates the jockeying for position that occurs when two people compete for adequate coverage underneath a typical umbrella. Spanning 6' wide and 3' deep, its lightweight dual steel tubes, stretchers, and ribs provide a rigid structure that endures continued seasons opening and closing. Despite its size, only one hand is required to hold it, so its oversized canopy can also protect one person carrying an armful of packages. 100% nylon cover and pouch. Auto open; a pull-cord assists closing. Black. Closed dimensions: 36" L x 2 3/4" W. (1 1/4 lbs.)"

$19.95, learn more here

Arcade Light Switch

I would so buy these.

Find out more here and here.


Classy Cat Tux

I guess if you ever need a tux for your cat, here you go.

 Find out more here. $22.00

You know all those times you are in the shower and you get a great idea or you remember something and you think if only you had a pen and paper... well... here you go...

Its a waterproof notepad. Its so ridiculous,  I just might have to buy one and put it in the shower and put little notes on it like, "Don't forget to wash your butt."

It's $9.08 and you learn all about it here

And lastly for all the gaming nerds like myself, I present you with this:

They are Atari Wall decals.  You can choose between:

65 Re-stickable decals
Various size asteroids, ships, explosions, lasers and text
4″ to 20″ in diameter
Black on clear

97 Re-stickable decals
4″ Centipede segments
Various sized mushrooms
Various gameplay and text decals

50 vinyl decals
30 2″ high center decals
10 12″ high numbers
4 6″ paddles

$29.99, learn more here.


  1. I actually have the measuring cup and it was GREAT... until some a$$hole ran it through the dishwasher.... :(

  2. The dualbrella would be a wash for me and the hubs. He's bald and I got big hair so a regular umbrella suits us just fine. However, that washable keyboard would be useful right now as I'm looking at all the crap on my current one.

  3. Wow. I would buy just about all of those! I love the measuring cup - nice tip from "Don't Chew" about running it through the dishwasher. - I like the cassette to iphone. The R2D2 garbage can *is* cute but a little too pricey for me. I would totally buy the arcade light switches too. That umbrella.. Um.. No.. Bring your own damn umbrella. I like the shower note pad and that would come in handy! I don't have cats but that tux is cute and I love the Atari wall decals. I used to love playing Centipede. - Great list!

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