Friday, March 22, 2013

And this shall be the norm...

I am home, for now.  

I am finally in what is to be my "normal" routine.  I will be home for two weeks and then I will be admitted to the hospital for a round of chemo, which will last for about a week.

I have a bone marrow biopsy and a spinal tap on the first day I am admitted and on the day I am discharged. 

The two weeks I am home, I have to go every morning to my local hospital and get a complete blood count done (CBC).  If my counts are low, I have to be given blood and platelets. Luckily, that can also be done here at my local hospital and I don't have to make the four hour round trip to the leukemia hospital.  It takes almost five hours for the blood and platelets to be transfused. 

Every morning, I have to take three pills and give myself a shot.  Every night, I have to take three different pills and give myself three shots. 

This is going to be my life until they can find me a donor and do a bone marrow transplant. 

I am scheduled to be readmitted for another round of chemo on the 27th.  After it is done and I am home again for my two weeks, my goal is to announce the winners of the last necklace and purse giveaway.  I am also planning on starting up the necklace giveaway next month on the 15th, with the understanding that things can change at any time and there might be a delay in mailing the prize or I might have to end the giveaway early. 

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