Friday, April 26, 2013

FANtastic Friday: L R Barret-Durham and E G Glover

These are my own opinions and I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I am simply a huge fan of these products and wanted to share it with everyone.

Sorry to keep harping on the terrible cancer word, but unfortunately its pretty much my life right now.  Because of the cancer I spend about two weeks of every month in the hospital for various treatments and things.  While I have been in the hospital, I have been kept company by my Kindle app and this:

"Roger Grayson and Lisa Barnet were less than a week away from beginning their life together, when a fatal car accident rips Lisa away from her loving fiance'.

Nearly a year later, Roger's best friend, Gene, tries to help put the pieces of his life back together. When Gene takes Roger to an ancient stone circle called Mystery Hill, his goal was simply to get him out of the house. But when the proprietor of the circle starts talking nonsense about using Mystery Hill to travel through time, Gene tries to laugh it off, and get Roger out of there as fast as he can.

Now, Roger has left his life and a note behind. He's going to use the stones to go back to the year before... to save Lisa's life." Copied from 

A Twist in Time is a solo project by indie author E.G. Glover.  He co-authors several other series with fellow indie author L R Barrett.  I strongly recommend giving this title or any title of theirs a try.  I highly support indie authors and both writers reside in my home area.

As soon as I finish up this title, I have the Fear series waiting on me (a third book is in the works).

These are pictures of my personal books.

"Teenagers Saxton Lyall and Licah Daciana are tossed into a web of nightmaric proportions when a simple glance across a coffee shop turns their world upside down. When the mark of an ancient curse burns into their skin, Licah's superstitious Romanian mother ships her off to Virginia without an explanation. 
Now, it's nineteen years later and Licah has returned to Parker's Ridge for a little rest and relaxation to help cure her writer's block. Little does she know that Saxton is near and things are about to get horrifically interesting. 
Two People. 
One Curse. 
But this time, no one is running." - Taken from LR Barett-Durham and EG Glover website

What I love and was very impressed with Glover and Barret-Durham is that if you purchase the books directly from their website, they will personalize and autograph your book (and as of this publishing, FREE shipping in the US).

Photo of my personalized book.
In addition to writing, they are also very talented stain glass makers.  See pictures of all pieces here.

L R Barrett illustrates the cover art for the books as well as merchandise for sale from the books.  

All books are available on the Nook and Kindle.

Learn more about these great Indie authors on Amazon, their website, or their Facebook.

image taken from the Fear and Trust Facebook page


  1. Cool article. Sorry that cancer sucks, but I'm glad you are making good use of your time. I met Leia and EG at a writer's conference when they came to my state. I think they're both pretty neat people, and certainly deserving of the praise you give.
    Be well, and keep reading/writing!
    In addition, may I suggest the works of Lurlene McDaniel? She may be too old school for you, but I loved her brave characters when I was growing up. ;)I hope you will, too.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I will check her out!