Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Contest to resume soon!! (and some updates)

On February 15, 2014 marked the one year anniversary of my diagonals date.

It was my intention to write and document everything, but it just didn't happen.  I regret it.  I wish I would have written down all my thoughts and feelings through this whole process.

Well, so, what's up now?  I'm still at the hospital.  My body is not making its own platelets and no one can seem to figure out why.  I am having to get frequent infusions of blood and platelets. I am 100% cancer free!!!

I am in the process of doing some things to my blog and then I am going to start up my ugly jewelry contest again, so keep on the look out!  I've already got the piece picked out! Its not a great picture, because I used my cell phone, but I will have more soon.  I am very excited to start up my contest and to start blogging again.  I have missed it so much.

I don't have an estimated date as of yet when they think I will be able to go home.  Having so little platelets in my body, is very dangerous and they want to keep me close in case of a bleed.  It certainly has been a very long journey.

I am also sad to report that my husband and I separated.  This is all I am going to say on this subject.

As part of my insurance requirements, I am required to have a caregiver with me at all times.  My dad came out and spend three weeks with me and we went to the local mall to goof off and give me a much needed break.  We stumbled across a shop that sold extra, extra large version of candy.

Please note.  Between the chemo and the radiation, my hands tend to shake.  They don't know if its permanent or if it will go away just yet.  Because of this, my pictures tend to turn out blurry and out of focus.  Not much I can do about it other than hope its only temporary and will eventually stop.

I love Nerds, so when I saw this little guy, I could not resist.  

I am currently on 22 medications.   I feel like a pharmacy. I have to take them three times a day.  The issue I am facing now are the co-pays.  My insurance requires me to pay 80% of name brand meds and my cancer meds only have name brand.  One med alone has a co-pay of $451.00.  I don't know how people do it. 

Hang on just a little longer!  I'm going to get everything up and going again and start posting and doing contests.

Thanks to everyone who has stayed with me this long!

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