Friday, September 28, 2012

FANtasic Fridays: Celebrity Weddings and My One Year Anniversary

Yes, I am a fan of celebrity weddings.  But, probably not for the reason you would think.  See, I like them because they make me learn how NOT to be.  I don't know why Hollywood has gotten into the habit where it is fashionable to have quick marriages, but it is ridiculous and insane. Marriage should not be gone into lightly, nor should it be ended because you had one little disagreement.  Marriage takes time and effort.  I am not sure if these quick celebrity marriages are because they are lazy, just want the attention, self-centered, or all of the above.  Who knows, but it is very entertaining to take guesses on how long the latest Hollywood hook-up will last and then roll your eyes when it ends just as quick as it began.

With that being said, I am very happy to announce it is my very first wedding anniversary.  I can not believe one whole year has gone by already.

We decided to just go to the court house and get married.  We played around with the idea of having a wedding but the cost and trying to get everyone together at the same time was impossible.  His family lives in Idaho, mine in Alabama, and we live it Utah.  So, we just picked a date and went to the court house and it was done.

I allowed Jared (his dad is my first husband, but that's a story not worth telling) to miss school that day so he could be there to watch as Steven and I got married.  They actually let Jared sign our wedding certificate as a witness!  We were not expecting that and it was a very nice surprise to get to include Jared like that.

Even though we did married at the courthouse, I insisted we dress nice.  I shopped for months before hand to find the perfect dress and I threatened to call the whole thing off if he didn't get something other than blue jeans.

Since it was just the three of us, we had to take turns using the camera to get pictures so there was not one of all three of us.  One of these days, we will go get family portraits done.  None of us like to have our pictures made, so, unfortunately, there is no hurry. I am positive I will regret this one day.

This is the fortune I got a few days after Steven proposed.

The invitation to my bridal shower that my co-workers hosted for me.
This is Mary Jane getting into my presents.

That is his "precious".  He had to get it in the picture.

The sun was right in our eyes!


Jared and I.  I really wasn't OK with him wearing jeans, but I got over it.

Our rings.


  1. Congratulations! :-). You are so right, marriage takes WORK, but it is so worth it.