Saturday, September 15, 2012

Miss Mary Jane

I have a seven year old cat named Mary Jane (after Spiderman’s girlfriend/wife).  She is a pound rescue.  I adopted her from Pet Depot in Florence, AL. She was in a cage at the front of store on display from the Florence Humane Society.

I normally avoid those cages like the plague.  I can’t stand to see animals in those cages with their eyes looking at me, begging me to take them home.  It breaks my heart. I especially can’t stand to hear them cry. 

My son, Jared, had wandered over to them and was looking at a cage full of tiny kittens.  They were all asleep except for one.  This little ball of fur was standing at the front of cage, sticking it’s paw out between the bars, trying to touch his face.  I walk up behind Jared and tell him it’s time to go.  As we walk away, this little ball of fur somehow grabs a hold of my shirt and its claw gets caught.  I unhook its paw and continue to walk off.  Its starts crying. I turn around to look at it again, its paw still stretched out between the bars, pawing at me and crying.  I try to make a run for it.  Jared starts asking, “Can we get it, Momma? Can we?”  I shake my head no, trying not to lose my cool at this little ball of fur still trying to touch me. The sales associate walks over at this point and asks if I want to hold the kitten.  I try to say no, but it’s too late.  This little ball of fur is in my arms, nuzzling my chin.  That’s all she wrote. 

I often tell people that we did not pick out MJ. Rather, MJ picked us out.

 This was MJ's first day with us.

MJ's first Christmas.

MJ has moved across country with me.  From AL to FL.  FL to AL.  Again from AL to FL. And then from FL to UT.

Jared and MJ.  She does not look happy!

We (my husband, son, and the cat) were living in an apt that let us have her.  We had to move rather suddenly (that’s a story in itself) and the best place we found did not allow us to have pets. MJ had to go live with her grandparents.

No! You cannot haz controlzer!

The short of the story, is that I convinced our land lord to let me have her back.  I explained: "She is seven years old.  All she does is eat, sleep, and poop in a box." 

 My fat, fat cat.

As soon as the pet deposit is paid, I will go get her as quick as she can and bring her home.  It just hasn’t felt like my family is whole without her.  

Mom! No more pictures!


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