Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soapbox Sunday: Greed

Have you been had the feeling where you can't decide if you are seriously angry.. no.. pissed off...or your feelings are just really really hurt?

I find myself in this very predicament.

I made an offer to all of my writer friends to send me something that they have written and I would post it here on my blog and feature them as a special guest writer.  (I will extended this offer to anyone reading this.)

I made this offer as a gesture of good will and friendship. 

Now, if someone would have made this offer, I would jump on it. Still would. What a great way to network, promote, and get my name out there.

I do realize my little blog may not be read by a ton of people, but I devote a lot of time to this thing and frankly I am so proud of my own little spot on the internet that I could have pictures of it in a wallet and show it off with my kid's picture.

I got two responses to my offer.

The first one was a request to read their book and write a review.  This could have been a great idea, expect his book is about Hitler and this is a family orientated blog.  It would not benefit either of us.

The second response is the one that has put me into my mood.

For starters, the first response I got was, "I thought you only offered this to me.  I thought I was special."  I responded, "Well, send me something to post and then you will be special."

A little bit of times passes and then I get this message, "Will I get paid?"

I guess this is a legitimate question, but it annoyed me.

The converstation continues:

"No. I don't get paid for doing it [the blog]. It's publicity [for you]."

I thought this was a good response.  I'm not making any money keeping this blog. Its about me having fun, entertaining other people (or at least trying) and keeping my writing in practice.

"Food doesn't come from publicity." 

Again, I suppose he has a point, but the whole point of this was to offer my friends a chance to show off something of theirs. 

I am hurt or pissed or both and then I send this last final message:

"Well then nvm cause I don't paid so I'm not paying anyone. It was meant to be a nice gesture."

Oh well, lesson learned.  Moving on....

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