Monday, October 8, 2012

The Programs I Love

Here are some links to my favorite rewards programs, sites, etc. If you have any questions about anything, shoot me an email at

 Inbox Dollars

The first one is called Inbox Dollars.  You earn cash by reading emails, doing surveys, shopping, and clipping coupons and redeeming coupons. Here are three of the checks I have gotten from doing this program.  There is a huge space of time between 2009 and 2011 and that's because I forgot about it, honestly, and didn't do it.  I remembered it and got right back on board.

You do have to have a minimum of $30.00 before they will cut you a check and there is 3.00 fee for the check, however, they will credit your account $3.00 towards your next check. You will get a $5.00 bonus for joining.

The bottom picture is my current earnings.  I have gotten lazy and haven't been doing the surveys, so my earnings so far are pretty poor.

 I always check Inbox before I purchase anything online as the store might participate with them and I will get cash back.  I have gotten cash back from,, and even my son's Proactiv.

I always get the coupons before I go grocery shopping as if you redeem a coupon, you get .10 cash back for each coupon, plus the savings on the coupon.

My Points

The next one I love is called Mypoints.  You can join it by going to their website or you can share the love (I <3 U) by letting me invite you so I get the bonus points for the invitation.

Email me at with your email address and I will have an invitation mailed out to you right away.

This system works where you get points for every email you read, survey you fill out, shopping,and coupon you redeem.  I have taken coupons from both Mypoints and Inbox and redeem them at the same time without an issue.

What I like about this program is if you do a survey and you don't qualify, you get points anyways.  (With Inbox, your name goes into a drawing.)

They have Daily Deals where you can sign up to get an email with great deals and bonus points. I got a fantastic set of ruby earrings this way for $25.00, plus I got 250 bonus points! I also got an espresso maker on sale for $35.00, plus 400 bonus points!

So, you can see that there is a possibility to earn points fast. You can also earn points for shopping. What I usually do, is compare to see where I will get the best deal. Either going with Inbox and getting cash back or using Mypoints and getting points. 

I usually save my points up and then redeem them for either a Wal-Mart gift card or a gas card. 

Below is my current Mypoints statement.  As you can see, I have been a member for a long time and have earned/redeemed a lot of points over the years.


I just joined one called Crowdtap. I am still very new to this one so I don't have a whole lot of details, but the points are easy enough to get.  I get emails saying that I have new "Hits" available and I go to the website answer some questions and I get points.  You can redeem your points for gift cards, an auction style bidding system, and what not.  It does look as though you need a lot of points to get good stuff. 

I am currently on level 6 with 9,805 so we will see how this one goes.



This is a fun one.  It is called Dailybreak. They have all kinds of games you can play that earns your coins as well as big prize winners. Each day you log in, you will be able to spin a wheel and add more coins to your stash.  They have a bidding style auction, raffles, and prizes to redeem.  

This one also requires a lot of coins to get the good stuff, but this site I mainly go to for the games, the coins are just an added plus.

They are about to launch an app which I am super excited about! 

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