Thursday, October 18, 2012

Throwback Thursday: The Epic Easter Basket

Jared, the Easter Bunny!

This is a short paper I wrote for an Easter assignment about an Easter basket I made for Jared.  CJ is Jared, I just chose to use his initials rather than his name.

With Easter rapidly approaching, I am very fondly reminded of one very interesting Easter when my son was three and still very much believed in the Easter bunny.

I wanted to go all out and make the best, most awesome Easter basket imaginable. I wanted it to be verging on epic, a basket so amazing that CJ would be rendered speechless by the sheer power overflowing from the glorious Easter basket.

So, yeah, I went just a tad crazy.

I went to numerous stores, selecting the perfect basket, the best candy, the cutest stuffed animals, only the best of the best Easter novelties would do for my mega basket.

The night finally arrived so I put CJ to bed, telling him the Easter bunny would soon come to visit. He rushed off to bed, visions of Easter goodness through his mind.

Once I made sure he was good and asleep, my magic began. My hands worked their wonder, crafting a marvelous sight: my Epic Megabasket.

Once I had everything in place, I slipped the basket into a clear protective bag and went to tie it up and low and behold I had forgotten a bow. How could I have forgotten such an important detail? How would by Epic Megabasket be epic without a bow? Of course, CJ could care less about anything other than what's inside of the basket, but somehow I felt like I had let him down. I scoured my house, looking for anything that I could use. There had to be something that I could make epic. I ended up finding one of my hair bands and I thought I could make this work.

So, the next morning comes and CJ wakes to find his Megabasket awaiting him. He first notices my hair band keeping the plastic bag closed.

"Mom," he asks, "Why the bunny use your hair band?"

 It never occurred to me that my three year old would ever notice that it was my hair band.

"That's not mine!" I exclaim. "He must have meant that for me!"

I thought my quick response clever, as CJ accepts the answer and hands me the hair band.

No further thought, he tears into my creation taking only seconds to tear apart what had taken me weeks of planning, shopping, and crafting to create.

Unfortunately, I also failed to snap a picture of my wonder. It probably would be a good thing as the Megabasket was so awesome, it might have broken my camera (ha!).

The basket mess cleaned up, we dressed to go have breakfast with the rest of the family. We sit down at the table and start to eat.

"What did you get for Easter, CJ?" My mother asks.

CJ ponders for a moment and then looks at her and replies:

"Well, the bunny brought me a big basket and brought Momma a hair band."

He pauses for a moment and then looks at me.

"But Momma didn't get me anything!"


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  2. children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for arent they? x

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