Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weird and Wacky Wednesday: A chicken burger, typewriter, horse bike, and a ghost chair... OH MY!

I found so many interesting products that I could not make up my mind which one I wanted to share, so I am sharing them all! While I don't think I topped my chest hair toupee (come on, that one is going to hard to top) I found some pretty good ones to share!

First off, look at this picture.  What do you see?


Looks kinda yummy, huh?  Well, look again.

It is a USB dock.

You can purchase your own chicken sandwich USB dock here.  It sells for $19.00

Do you miss the old school style typewriter, but love your iPad and computer?  Never fear! This website allows you to download a free step by step tutorial that teaches you how to turn your old typewriter into a keyboard for your iPad or computer.

Isn't that a waste of a perfectly good typewriter?

And then you have this.  I don't even want to touch it, so I will let the pictures speak for itself.

No price listed, but if you want for information, look  here.

And then lastly you have the ghost chair.  I actually think its pretty cool.  If the light hits it just right, it looks like you are floating in mid-air.  It is designed by  a big fancy lady in England, so I'm sure it costs more than I am worth and I was too afraid to even try to find a price.

The artist's gallery page can be found here.

Also, check out her cactus chair. 

It creeps me out.  I can't put my finger on exactly why, but it disturbs me.


  1. Give me a break! What else are they going to come up with!?!?!?!!!

    1. That website has a ton of food inspired USB docks. I think it would make me hungry all the time!

  2. The horse bike is a nice alternative for anyone who has ever wanted a pony. Oh and if I had the money I would SO own that ghost chair!!!!!!

    1. Me too! Curiosity got the better of me, so I did a little more digging and found this:

      These fabulous Ghost Chairs are a limited edition of 99 pieces of each style, are made upon request, and can be customised in any colour.

      The Ghost of a Chair is a sculptural free-form furniture piece, handmade out of a single transparent polyester sheet. Each chair is unique due to its unconventional manufacturing process, using a combination of high-end technology and craft, in a labour of love. Volatile and unpredictable, each Ghost chair is a One-off.

      The Ghost of a Chair embodies signature aesthetics with its originality and functionality in a statement furniture piece. Its transparency enables the chair to exist in any environment. The material itself is a light conductor and can easily function as an outdoor fixture; its versatility goes as far as your imagination can take you.

      The Ghost of a Chair is presented as a Lady version -without armrest- and Gentleman style – arm chair. Both with a weight allowance up to 150 kls.

      Translation: CHA-CHING!